“Tegan made sense in the chaos of our home and our busy life – three kids under 4, two professional jobs and a cat. Our house was brimming with things we didn’t need, making it impossible to find the things we did! Two years on and we still use Tegan’s systems to keep our family life running smoothly and our home looking stylish. Tegan taught me the value of a proper cleanse, logical planning and sensible structures, but above all she has an eye for home-styling that makes a simple bookcase become a feature wall.”

Georgie, London

Tegan is amazing!  We had moved into our new property in a bit of a hurry so had not put any thought into the organisation of our cupboards or pantry. Tegan took all this in her stride and made it so easy with the end result being great!

I now really enjoy baking as I can see all the ingredients on my pantry shelf - no more rummaging through a box for some brown sugar! And I love being able to find things in my linen cupboard. She even organised that awful top drawer (that everyone has) that is filled with all sorts of odds and ends.

I would have never got around to doing what Tegan has done. She made such a horrible task painless and simple and it’s so nice having tidy storage in our house.

Thanks Tegan.

Jo, Wairarapa

“Our pantry has never looked so great! Tegan is professional and time efficient. Tegan made sure there was a high level of communication throughout the whole process, listening to what I wanted and offering her own suggestions. With my pantry now organised, items are put away where they belong and it is a breeze to keep tidy. I would highly recommend Piper Homes for anyone needing organisation in their home.”

Karen, Wairarapa

"Now that it’s sorted every little thing has a home, I wouldn’t have been able to do this myself! The direction and utilisation of what I already had was amazing. Definitely will get other areas organised.”

Kathleen, Manawatu

"We were fortunate enough to have Tegan come to our home and organise our kitchen space. We found her to be extremely polite and professional. Tegan listened to our needs, and was open to suggestions. Our kitchen is a pleasure to work in. We look forward to welcoming you back into our home, and sorting out the remaining chaos.”

Max, Wairarapa

"Tegan is an organiser extraordinaire! We had recently moved house and I needed some help getting the kitchen organised and functioning well. 

Tegan took the time to understand how we liked to work in the kitchen, what we used most often and then organised the kitchen accordingly. What would have taken me at least two weeks to organise, Tegan powered through in a few hours. 

Tegan was non-judgemental about the fact that I was still operating out of boxes or had stuff just shoved into cupboards! 

I was fairly sceptical as to whether we would be able to maintain it - but we have - and that’s because Tegan did the organising in a way that worked for us (including suggesting practical inexpensive storage solutions).

I would recommend Tegan to anyone who is feeling a bit overwhelmed about how to get on top of the chaos or just needs some fresh ideas.”

Stacey, Wairarapa