Hello! I am Tegan King, founder of Piper Homes

Hello! I am Tegan King, founder of Piper Homes. I am here to help you make sense of the chaos and find calm in your home. Nothing makes me happier than creating logical systems for daily life that are aesthetically appealing. The key to my organisational style is to leave you with a stylish, practical and maintainable space where you feel free.
I have had a passion for organising and design for as long as I can remember, constantly rearranging our family home growing up. I started helping others when I was working in private childcare, noticing many households struggle with a lack of systems and an over-abundance of “stuff” which can create stress and anxiety. Through my work in professional childcare, I understand the need for clear and simple methods to ease the burden and stress of busy lifestyles and free up time for relaxation and recharging.
Whether you are unpacking in a new space, cleansing your home of excess items or you want to create systems to ease the every-day pressures, I can help and advise. Understanding your needs and providing support and guidance in a thoughtful way are my key priorities.
I am based in the Wairarapa and able to travel as well as consult virtually.

Photo credit: Sinead. J @ Hairbysinead